Ukraine Law on Ecological Audit

Ministry Building in Kiev, Ukraine
Ministry Building in Kiev, Ukraine

Over the past year, I have been privileged to be a Short-Term Expert in a European Union Twinning Project to support the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in the development and implementation of the Law on Ecological Audit.

The project has been managed through the Austrian Ministry for the Environment in collaboration with the Czech Republic.

The primary focus of the project is providing assistance in the development and implementation of the Law on Ecological Audit, which is an instrument to ensure that an environmental audit occurs prior to the transfer of state property to the private sector.

Experience on similar projects, both in the United Kingdom and internationally, as shown that there are common challenges in the transposition and implementation of any new Law & in addressing political and cultural issues, especially as the Ukraine is moving towards a market-based economy.

A useful resource for understanding more about the Law on Ecological Audit and environmental protection in the Ukraine can be found in Chapter 48: Ukraine of the Environment & Climate Change Law 2011 published in the International Comparative Legal Guide Series at

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