Shale Gas: Legal developments in UK, USA & certain other countries

The environmental issues of shale gas are developing all the time with hardly a week going by without some mention in the press.

Shale gas has become an increasingly, important source of natural gas in the U.S.A. over the past decade and interest has spread to potential shale gas elsewhere in the world, including Canada, Europe and Asia.

The detection and exploitation of shale gas is described as nothing less than a revolution in the world energy industry, promising to transform not only the prospects of the gas industry but of world energy trade, geopolitics and climate policy.

However, its development as a fuel source is not without concerns regarding shale gas exploration and production, which continue to be at the forefront of the debate and several countries have taken opposing approaches to shale gas. These differing viewpoints can be found in an informative article on the current legal developments in UK, USA, France, Poland, Canada, Germany, China, Ukraine and Israel.

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