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When looking for an environmental consultant, it is important to have a understanding of the available environmental qualifications. With the increasing recognition of the environmental challenges, that we all face, means that the role of the qualifications, such as Chartered Environmentalist is more important than ever.

Registration as a Chartered Environmentalists sets a consultant apart from others working in their field. It establishes proven knowledge, experience and commitment to professional standards and integrity.

The Society for the Environment is the independent, not for profit organisation incorporated by Royal Charter to license and award the title of Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) to professional individuals through its 24 licensed member organisations.

To date (December 2011), over 6,000 Chartered Environmentalists have been registered with their qualification (CEnv) denoting sound knowledge, proven experience and a profound commitment to sustainable best practice within their particular profession and field of expertise.

International Recognition
Indeed, the Chartered Environmentalist status establishes professional environmentalists on a par with other professionals such as Chartered Engineers and Chartered Scientists. Already, 13% of Chartered Environmentalists are registered outside the UK with the expectation thatĀ as global membership increases CEnv will become the international benchmark.

Recently, the Society for the Environment has issued a logo for use by registered Chartered Environmentalists to denote their qualification and anyone looking to contract with an environmental consultant should look for the letters “CEnv” after the individuals name and the CEnv logo.

I am proud to display my Chartered Environmentalist qualifications and logo on this blog to demonstrate that I possessĀ sound knowledge, proven experience and commitment to sustainable best practice in all of my consultancy work.

For further informationabout the Society for the Environment and the Chartered Environmentalist qualification, please see:

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  1. Is the CEnv Recognised by EU directive 2005/36/EC as a professional qualification?

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