‘Green’ Standard launched for Cosmetic Product Life Cycle certification

A US-based non-profit organization, Green Seal Inc., has launched GS-50, as reportedly the first US and, maybe the first international certification standard for cosmetic and personal care products that covers the whole product life cycle.

The standard establishes environmental, health and performance requirements for products intended to be left on the body and hair, including: lotions, moisturisers, oils, powders, creams, sunscreen,  hair spray, styling products, nail polish, insect repellent, makeup,antiperspirants and deodorants.

To achieve the standard, manufacturers must satisfy performance, health and environmental requirements as well as social responsibility, packaging and labeling requirements—in addition to providing definitions for common claims such as natural, organic and bio-based. Once the products are certified, the manufacturers can feature the Green Seal label as evidence of conformity with the standard.

This is a positive development in ensuring that cosmetics meet environmental and sustainable principle and could lead to a greater differentiation of the marketplace giving consumers a greater say in their choice of environmental friendly products.

More information on this standard can be found at: http://bit.ly/k7P0YD

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